#WorkBold Podcast Season 3 Episode 9

Disrupting the value chain in commercial real estate

The early stages of industry (r)evolution

S3 E9 image

Daniel Kraft, Partner at Stronghold Invest, the leading property advisory, asset Management, fund management and PropTech company in Northern Europe, joins Bold Founder, Caleb Parker, from Stockholm, Sweden, to talk property company strategy around #PropTech and Space-as-a-Service.

**The Group manages €40 billion Euros of commercial real estate and has 495 million square feet across seven countries under their management.**

In this episode we cover whether property companies should become tech companies, when it makes sense for PropCos to setup venture arms, and of course Space-as-a-Service demand and valuations.

Daniel says becoming a tech company could be a dangerous path for Propcos, but setting up a venture arm could be a good strategy.

Demand for Space-as-a-Service is disrupting the value chain in commercial real estate but unfortunately current valuation methodologies are preventing property from evolving to meet customer demand. Within the next 5 years asset owners will have to make a choice WHERE they’re going to sit in the new value chain.


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