#WorkBold Podcast Episode 7

How does flexible working affect landlords?

Future of work insights from JLL

Elaine Rossall JLL

Elaine Rossell, Head of UK Offices Research and Strategy at JLL joins Bold founder, Caleb Parker, to discuss how flexible working trends impact commercial real estate assets and how landlords are responding.

Questions answered in this episode

  1. Why is JLL implementing flexible working?
  2. What is the benefit of letting someone choose their own work schedule?
  3. How is flexible working enabling space consolidation?
  4. How does flexible working and space consolidation affect London landlords?
  5. Will conventional leased space convert to flex space when traditional occupiers relocate?
  6. How does JLL advise landlords on how to respond to the demand for flex?
  7. Will it be a problem for landlords when the overall office stock is 30-50% flex?
  8. How do the other top UK markets compare to London?

Value Bombs and tweetables

  • Flexible working is about empowerment and productivity
  • Changing the way people work to create a better working environment for everyone
  • Occupiers are looking for landlords to provide flex and amenity space within the asset
  • It’s important for landlords to understand which operator brands are out there
  • Landlords who do not have large portfolios should look to partner with operators instead of launching their own flexspace brand
  • There's a blurring of lines between the operators and the landlords
  • For landlords to be successful they need to understand how occupiers are behaving
  • Overtime we’ll stop talking about flex being a proportion of the market, because the overall market will be flexible



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About Elaine Rossell

Elaine joined JLL in 2018 from Cushman and Wakefield where she spent 24 years, first as a member of the associate European research group and later as head of London group research. At JLL Elaine works with the office agency and capital markets teams to deliver clients with an all-encompassing view of the sector, delivering innovative and challenging insight to help develop and inform client strategies.

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