#Workbold Podcast Season 2 Episode 2

What impact does a global pandemic have on Space-as-a-Service?

How workplace choice will reshape #CRE

#WorkBold podcast 2.2

Jonathan Weinbrenn (JW), Space-as-a-Service veteran and MD Bespoke, a BE Offices company with locations across England and Northern Ireland, joins Bold Founder, Caleb Parker to discuss the impact Covid-19 will have on commercial real estate.

The two chat about the human side of the pandemic, both the negatives and positives, how JW and his team are helping customers transition to working from home as if they’re in the office, work strategies and safety measures to get back to working in the office, including a discussion around pre-vaccine vs. post vaccine stages.

The two wrap up the discussion with a powerful topic of whether Coronavirus will act as an accelerant to giving people more choice of how and where they work - and if that happens, how does that affect Space-as-a-Service?

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Value Bombs & Tweetables

  • We’re in the middle of the greatest global experiment #CRE has ever seen.
  • We’re here to help customers work seamlessly whether they’re in the office or remote.
  • Short-to-mid-term #CRE requires careful consideration
  • #CRE will be business as usual in a post-vaccine world, except the movement towards Space-as-a-Service will take off as companies shift to a more distributed workforce
  • More people will work from Third Spaces.
  • Work doesn’t have to happen in one fixed location.
  • The idea of retaining rigid long-term leases will become less favourable.
  • Covid exposes the need for agility.

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