How Dreamplex Delivers Workplace- Experience-as-a-Service?

Creating the atmosphere that attracts talent, as a service for companies

Daan van Rossum, Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of workplace experience operator, Dreamplex, joins Bold Founder, Caleb Parker, virtually from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where the future of work is full speed ahead.

Get ready to lean in...

Daan shares how Dreamplex is helping fast growing companies of 20-200 people compete against the best companies in the world for talent through their “Workplace-Experience-as-a-Service" offering. 

Daan explains the principles of UX (user experience) thinking and has advice for office landlords who want to move from B2B to B2C.

The conversation dives into data and measuring workspace analytics and ROI, as well as the future of brand in commercial real estate.

Value Bombs


  • Creating an atmosphere that attracts talent as a service for companies
  • "It’s a lot more than a place to work"
  • Replicating how some of the best companies in the world are developing their office environments
  • Creating campus-style atmospheres
  • Places to socialize, meet other people
  • Personal growth and development (honing soft skills and helping with leadership/management training; Focused on the Top 10 skills people need in the 21st century)
  • Dreamplex targets companies from 20-200 people without HR or training and development teams
  • A brand should target specific customers personas by delivering a specific customer experience
  • Companies have realised that people will do good work even if they aren’t in an office being watched by a manager
  • Companies are embracing cultures of trust and flexible working
  • Space requirements are evolving where companies are shrinking their desk to employee ratio and seeking shared amenity space
  • To improve the customer experience we need to measure space utilisation
  • We need quantitative and qualitative data
  • We should have sensors in spaces to measure actual usage
  • It's important for companies to survey their employees, and office operators should survey their customers on why they use or why they don’t use certain spaces
  • When measuring ROI of sensor technology it’s important to consider the cost of underutilised space.
  • Optimising space makes it more attractive and improves retention
  • The future of commercial real estate will see landlords partnering with specific brands to set themselves apart in targeting specific customers
  • Customers will choose buildings which have the brand that align with their expectations
  • Brand is more about a consistent specific customer experience than a big logo on a building

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