Bold podcast Season 5 ep1

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How Ivanhoé Cambridge is preparing for hybrid office customers


Featuring IC’s Jonathan Pearce and the voice of the customer, Dave Cairns from CBRE


Jonathan Pearce from Canadian based real estate investor and developer Ivanhoé Cambridge, who manage of billions of dollars worth of assets globally, joins Bold Founder, Caleb Parker, to discuss COVID’s impact on the office market, the hybrid work model, whether companies will shrink their office footprint as a result. They talk about what customers are really saying they want from office buildings going forward and how Space-as-a-Service can bridge the growing gap between supply and demand. They are joined by CBRE’s Dave Cairns, a prominent thought leader within the commercial real estate industry..


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Value Bombs

  • Quality will trump commodity – Jonathan Pearce
  • I believe the office has a major role to play in the platform of work – Caleb Parker
  • If the office going forward is simply a desk and a chair, that just isn't going to be good enough. There needs to be a compelling value proposition, a reason to come in, different types of spaces, maybe an environment that people are going to miss when they're not there – Jonathan Pearce
  • We've reached an unparalleled and unprecedented era of polarisation. Some companies leaning into a future of workplace choice and others hoping for a return to the old ways of working – Caleb Parker
  • I fundamentally believe that COVID has changed the job market forever – Dave Cairns
  • Everyone's heard of following the money, but we're trying to follow the people – Jonathan Pearce
  • Over the last 14 months, we've demonstrated that technology supports remote work – Jonathan Pearce
  • CBDs and those prime locations are going to be more important than ever – Dave Cairns
  • It all begins and ends with listening to the customer - Jonathan Pearce
  • People will be much more judicious with their time, and have interactions with a sense of purpose – Jonathan Pearce
  • It always baffles my brain that commercial real estate is the only sector that I can point to that doesn't currently solve all of their customers problems for them – Jonathan Pearce

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