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Why The Office Will Remain An Important Tool In The Platform of Work

Maintaining The Human Connection in Hybrid Working

Michael Cockburn, co-founder and CEO of venture backed Desana joins Bold Founder Caleb Parker, to talk about how the Desana platform is supporting global corporates and scaleups as they transform into hybrid companies, while maintaining the human connection we need to thrive.

Michael talks about the changing nature of knowledge work and how management and work culture is evolving. He explains why enterprise companies are driving demand for flexible workspace, what the supply side of market needs to do differently, and why venture capital investors have backed his vision for the future of commercial real estate.

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 Value Bombs

  •  The main problem you're trying to solve with office space is how you meet the needs of the people that work for you – Michael Cockburn
  • The office will be an important tool in the platform of work - but not the same way as it has been historically – Caleb Parker
  • Commercial real estate or office space in particular has its roots in people – Michael Cockburn
  • I believe in plus not versus – Caleb Parker
  • People talk a lot about how flexible workspace operators have got a lot to learn from hospitality, and they definitely do – Michael Cockburn
  • We're seeing a lot of companies moving to sharing models for desks within their own buildings – Michael Cockburn
  • The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity – Caleb Parker
  • Our two real focuses are enterprise and very high growth technology companies – Michael Cockburn
  • I can foresee there being a real need for flexible workspace as an amenity to every substantial asset – Michael Cockburn
  • A lot of companies since the pandemic have proven that they can give people more trust, more autonomy, and that they enjoy that trust and autonomy – Michael Cockburn
  • Those that don't embrace this move towards more data driven occupancy solutions, I think will be ultimately left behind – Michael Cockburn

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