Two CBRE Workplace Wizards on the Evolution of Work and a “Nifty” Future

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Two CBRE Workplace Wizards on the Evolution of Work and a “Nifty” Future

Enabling the innovation workforce to “Own Their Experience”

Dan Harvey, Vice Chairman of CBRE joins Bold Founder Caleb Parker, and guest host Dave Cairns of CBRE to discuss the polarization around the future of work and the inflection point that will check mate finite thinkers. We hear about the evolution of cities and work, how NFT’s could encourage certain types of employee behaviour, and Dan shares who he believes may soon rest with the dinosaurs…

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Value Bombs

  • What continues to astound me 18 months and beyond into this whole (COVID) debacle, is how divided we remain in the industry and among companies at large about the future of work – Dan Harvey
  • This idea that collaboration can only happen in the office, is just not complete – Dan Harvey
  •  This pandemic is a complete system shock. It's unlike anything I've ever experienced in my lifetime. It's personal, it's professional and it's global – Dan Harvey
  •  We're at a moment where we need to think about what living in the future is and what do we notice that's missing that we need to have? – Dan Harvey
  • The innovators, the creators, the knowledge workforce has a lot of power in their labour and they have choice – Dan Harvey
  • We have accelerating exponential God-like technology raining down on us. Some of it generates new categories of goodness, and some of it is generating new categories of harm – Dan Harvey
  • We are sapiens, we are tribes, we gather, there's a social component that's physical – Dan Harvey
  • If ideas and insights sound plausible now, it means you're not living in the future – Dan Harvey
  • The future of the great diaspora of workplace and work force may end up being a real help in the de-densification of this connection of “everybody has more than me and how do I step on them to get it?” - Dan Harvey
  • This pandemic has shown us is that we can have relationships and build relationships that are really digitally based – Dan Harvey
  • Cities changed our relationship to want. Density, the pressing together, it developed a form of scarcity that was articulated in the language of aspiration, jealousy and desire rather than absolute need – Dan Harvey
  • The World Economic Forum is predicting that by 2050 70% of humans are going to live in cities – Dave Cairns

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