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What Mindset Is Needed To Create Dynamic Workplaces for a #WFA World

The Future of #CRE From a Publicly Listed Office Customer

Darren Graver, Global Workplace Lead at Wise, joins Bold Founder Caleb Parker, to share how his team has recently repurposed their offices for post-pandemic working. We learn about Wise’s flexible working policy, and why companies should embrace working from anywhere, including some tips for those leaning in this direction.

We also hear why Darren still believes in the workplace, but how he expects work from anywhere to impact corporate real estate portfolios.

Darren gives us a peek inside his mindset for creating dynamic workplaces, including his "scientific process" as well as what tech is needed to get it right.

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 Value Bombs

  •  80% of our employees want to come into the office zero to three days a week – Darren Graver
  • I call it “workplace without borders” – Darren Graver
  • Since launching our hybrid working model in November last year, we've seen over 21,800 remote working days of employees working from anywhere in the world outside of their home office country – Darren Graver
  • Many of our employees are living in countries where their families aren't based and allowing them to work from anywhere means they can go home and spend really valuable time with family members – Darren Graver
  • Workplace without borders, letting people work anywhere and empowering your people is a massive cultural shift – Caleb Parker
  • We work with a philosophy of autonomous teams. So we empower our teams to make decisions, we empower them to decide what problems to solve – Darren Graver
  • When you are younger member of staff living in larger cities, actually having access to space at home can be quite difficult – Darren Graver
  • Every organization is at different maturity levels, is at different places in its growth. What's right for a start-up is going to be very different to what's right for a publicly listed company – Darren Graver
  • We need to be changing the way we think about the workplace and putting the customer at the centre of the universe – Caleb Parker
  • We need to be able to be comfortable with that mentality of failing fast and learning from those mistakes, and then adjusting and going again – Darren Graver
  • I'm really excited about how you can use technology and modular furniture solutions to create this demand-lead space. I think that's the future - Darren Graver
  • In terms of proper hardware for supporting dynamic workplaces, I think sensors are really the future here – Darren Graver
  • What happens if some people don't want to work from home? And my answer is, talk to your people, talk to your employees, ask them questions – Caleb Parker
  • When we think about space needs, I think it's just about reshaping the spaces that teams have within the building – Darren Graver
  • I read this stat that we are adding the equivalent of New York City to the planet every 34 days – Darren Graver
  •  In terms of landlords and looking at it more holistically from a real estate perspective, I do think we'll see more like amenity rich offerings without doubt – Darren Graver

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