How Mayfair Capital Is Preparing For The Changing Risk Profile of Office Assets

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How Mayfair Capital Is Preparing For The Changing Risk Profile of Office Assets

Dealing With The Rapid Pace Of Change In Customer Demand

James Lass, Head of Special Transactions and Fund Manager at Mayfair Capital, joins Bold Founder Caleb Parker to discuss what keeps Mayfair up at night, how they are dealing with the rapid pace of change in office customer demand, and the changing risk profile of office assets. James speaks candidly about his take on Space-as-a-Service and gives some insight into their future-leaning investment strategies.

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 Value Bombs

  • With real estate becoming more operational, it's becoming more of a risky investment, but if this is what customers want today, then not being operational becomes a risky investment – Caleb Parker
  • It doesn't surprise me that we saw a big bounce back in numbers coming in. The office isn't dead, it's just continuing to evolve – James Lass
  • We know that the occupiers of workspace want greater flexibility and not all of them want to find 20 year leases – James Lass
  • It's about putting the end user of our assets front and centre and understanding what they need and then working back from there – James Lass
  • If you're not servicing a customer, you're not giving them what they need, then your ability to maintain secure income streams is diminished – James Lass
  • As an industry we continue to adapt and find ways of making workspaces more appealing – James Lass
  • If the office isn't providing an experience that helps people feel taken care of and be most productive in, then people are just going to stay home – Caleb Parker
  •  The end user continues to demand more from their building and the owner, which I think that the industry is largely getting their head around – James Lass
  • I've always found value outside of the CBD – James Lass
  • The starting point for us is we have to be in a position where we can create interesting space – James Lass
  • Workspace ultimately has got to be a building that you can walk in and know that you can transform into somewhere that you'd like to spend time – James Lass
  • A key part of our strategy is to reuse assets rather than knock them down and start again - James Lass

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