Be BOLD with your underutilised space

Bold for Hotels

The Hospitality and Tourism industry is known for driving profit through multiple revenue streams. This year hotel venues have been deeply impacted by the pandemic and much of that revenue has disappeared, leaving underutilised or vacant space.

At the same time, more and more businesses (and their staff) are now working remotely from home, often in unsuitable, non-productive workspaces.

People now need local, flexible, drop-in workspace to tap in to, close to home.


Speed to market

Easy to service

Recurring Revenue

Let’s repurpose the underutilised areas in your venue to support the need for flexible, drop-in, space for remote workers, closer to home where they can walk, cycle or drive to.

By converting unused space into Bold flexible workspace, your venue can generate extra revenue and attract new customers while remote workers gain access to affordable, local workspace and services.

Fortune Favours The Bold

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Bold is part of the NewFlex family of Space-as-a-Service brands. NewFlex has been maximising underused space for 30 YEARS, and our team is the most experienced in the UK and in Europe.

number 150 nationally. We are experts in our field with the sole purpose of maximising and capturing demand for flexible workspace.

Why Partner With Us?

  • Easy to service with existing staff and hospitality
  • Speed to market by plugging in our brand guidelines and technology
  • Acquire customers faster by aligning with a national sales team, and group marketing
  • Learn from our proven operational expertise
  • Deliver the right workspace layout and environment
  • Attract a new audience to potentially cross sell other Hotel amenities – Gym/Food/Drinks/Hospitality to visiting clients
Bold for flexible working

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Get in touch with our flexible workspace experts for more information. Call 0844 986 4775, or email us by clicking the blue button.