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We provide fast growing companies with superpowers, and the ultimate flexibility in private and fully managed, creative workspaces.
(For teams of 30-300 people)

Unlock Productivity

Move In Faster

Real Flexibility

Turnkey Solution

Work Bold

The Bold Space-as-a-Service platform is a turnkey workplace solution:

  • We source your real estate, anywhere you want to be
  • We design and create your location with your input to ensure your company culture is captured
  • We connect your space for hybrid working, with fast data connectivity and the right AV services
  • We optimise your space with fully integrated IoT and smart technology to increase efficiency, productivity, and wellbeing
  • We empower your team with a mobile app and software platform for workspace and meeting room bookings, and an online community forum
  • We do the heavy lifting; our dedicated staff run the day to day operations of your flexible workspace like magic!
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Like us, your team love what they do and they deserve the best possible facilities to help them unlock their potential and creativity. But work is not only about productivity - your top talent knows their value and the choices they have available to them. Bold builds workspaces that focuses on a work-life blend, our design expresses this focus explicitly through our innovative solutions for free-flowing social areas and meeting spaces.


Inspire fresh thinking and enable productivity in your company. Bold locations are creative environments designed to inspire innovative thinking and collaboration, while maintaining a healthy balance between private meetings and flexible working.


  • We believe that the best work is done when people feel a sense of belonging, that’s why we design work spaces that maximise the potential for making our members feel comfortable and happy.
  • We believe that inspiration comes from collaboration and play, that’s why we create prominent social areas in our spaces.
  • We believe that productivity comes from focus, that’s why our social areas are complemented by meeting rooms where you can enjoy private conversations and moments of tranquility.
  • We know time is precious, that’s why we deliver a finished space ready to move into quickly. Our turnaround times are among the fastest in the work space industry. When you choose Bold, you only need to deal with one supplier. We guarantee full commitment to you.


Unlock Productivity

Unlock your team’s productivity with a blend of creative spaces for flexible working and collaboration.

Move In Faster

Our operational efficiency enables us to turn around your space faster than a traditional real estate acquisition, meaning you will be ready to move in quicker.

Real Flexibility

Long office contracts and leases are not conducive with modern business needs. Your business needs quick decision making and flexibility, we believe workspaces should reflect that. That’s why Work Bold sets a new standard, no more long-term leases and lock-ins, all our customers benefit from short-term agreements.

Turnkey Solution

Why worry about office layouts, window cleaning, meeting room booking software?
Bold takes care of all the heavy lifting so your team can focus on what matters; growing your business.


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Flexible Terms

Whether you need space for 30 people or 300, we've got you covered. Simply book a space within our network, or let our local real estate experts procure the perfect location for you - all delivered on flexible terms!

Bold Design

All Bold workspaces carry the modern and pleasing, yet distinctive, Bold trademark design. We'll partner with you to determine the best Bold design for your company culture.

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You already have the key

Bold Technology

Our web and mobile product enables your team to:

  • Tap in/out of spaces using our smart lock technology
  • Reserve meeting and workspaces on-demand
  • Register guests and connect with AV seamlessly

All this, while Bold quietly optimises your locations based on occupancy analytics, enabling your team to work, meet and collaborate more efficiently.


Onsite, hospitality trained team members will exceed expectations daily, from assisting with guest arrivals to serving up our bespoke blend of Bold coffee, to managing catering orders.

Cheers to Bold Coffee


  1. We Engage
    We partner with you to understand your culture, your team, your business and your goals.
  2. We Design
    Our team of flexspace and interior design experts upgrade your existing space or acquire and create a brand new creative environment for you.
  3. We Work Bold
    Your company will be moving in to your new Bold office less than 3 months. We will run the show, from front desk, hospitality, on-site barista and community management, and empower your team to set sail for blue skies.
  4. We Learn
    We’ll continuously monitor the data to optimise and evolve your space for maximum efficiency.

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