#Workbold Podcast Episode 4

Find out the true impact space-as-a-service has on the valuation of real estate assets

A Future asset class in development
Dan Hughes

Dan Hughes, Founder at Alpha Property Insight, joins Bold Founder Caleb Parker, to talk about the changes coming to building valuations - more specifically about the impact Space-as-a-Service has on the valuation of commercial assets.

About Dan

Dan spent his career working across the built environment and has held senior roles in some of the world's leading data organisations. Dan led the Land and Property Sector strategy and commercial activity at Ordnance Survey, the world’s

leading location data specialist. Dan was also Director of Data and information products for RICS.

Dan is founder of Alpha Property Insight and LIQUID Real Estate Innovation which help the property sector to embrace and benefit from new ways of thinking and technology.

Dan recently published the LIQUID Future of Valuations paper, which you will hear insights from in this episode.


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Questions answered in this episode

Can building user data can affect the valuation of the building?

Can the right Space-as-a-Service makeup may positively affect the valuation of an asset?

How will valuation methodologies change?

Will SPaaS become a recognised asset class?

How will the valuation method for Space-as-a-Service look?

Value Bombs and Tweetables

  • Over the next 5 year hundreds of data points will feed into the valuation process.
  • We're advocating for the the systematic collection of data that you can use across a portfolio.
  • The future of the property industry will be built around trust and as we move into a digital world, the ethical use of data will be at the very heart of this.
  • Certain data points will be able to report on how happy building users are.
  • Buildings with happy users can expect higher valuations.

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