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We need some Space-as-a-Service

#WorkBold Podcast

Welcome to the WorkBold podcast.
Hosted by Caleb Parker, we’ll be answering all questions about the future asset class called Space-as-a-Service (SPaaS), which only represents 6-10% of the overall CRE market. But we’ve seen the predictions that SPaaS will grow to 30% over the next decade. That level of growth will change CRE forever.

If you’re an asset manager, fund manager, property manager, landlord, property entrepreneur or investor, real estate agent or in corporate real estate...if you’re involved in commercial real estate in any way, SPaaS will affect you. So you need to be listening to this season!

Value Bombs

1.    The future of work and commercial real estate is being defined by Space-as-a-Service.

2.    We’re the only podcast out there championing, but also challenging, Space-as-a-Service.

3. Fortune Favours the Bold


Re-thinking Real Estate by Dror Poleg

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