Here’s how coworking spaces inspire collaboration and productivity

Are you thinking of joining a coworking space? Whether you’re looking for a new place for your team to work or want to meet like-minded individuals in a communal environment, then coworking spaces, like Bold Bauhaus, offer numerous benefits for motivated workers and entrepreneurs alike.

They provide an environment that is conducive to collaboration and productivity, offering a shared workspace for entrepreneurs and freelancers which encourages networking and the sharing of ideas. Researchers from Georgetown and Michigan University found that professionals who work in a coworking environment perform and strive better than those who work in regular offices? Another study conducted by Stanford University also found that workers who used co-working spaces felt more connected to their community and had a greater sense of well-being.

There’s no denying that an environment that brings different groups together as well as facilitates and encourages interaction, generates growth. So, with that being said, let us show you how coworking spaces inspire collaboration and productivity!

Coworking spaces facilitate learning

In coworking spaces, you tend to find a variety of professionals with experience in different career backgrounds. This melting pot of knowledge and certain skillsets can be utilised by the very same people who work in the space.

For example, if you’re a freelance copywriter who gets stuck uploading a blog post to WordPress, you might know a technical developer who also works in the same coworking space that might be able to help you. In turn, you can help to produce some catchy copy for the webpage the developer is building. It’s basically getting and giving advice ‘next door.’

As you interact with the people in your coworking space, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to learn from their experiences and share the challenges you both face. The more you learn, the less amount of time it will take you to achieve your goals and minimise the risk of making mistakes.

They inspire collaboration and innovation

As mentioned above, coworking spaces allow you to work next to a variety of different people, each with their own career knowledge and experience. But this diversity doesn’t just facilitate learning, it also opens up opportunities for you to collaborate and work together.

These people might offer different perspectives on the challenges you face in your work, as well as create solutions that wouldn’t have crossed your mind otherwise. You could both team up to work on a project together that utilises all your skills! The possibilities for collaboration in coworking spaces really are endless!

Help people find meaning in work

Coworking spaces can help people find meaning in their work by providing a space where they can be around others with similar values, goals and aspirations. Being around like-minded people helps to drive motivation, which in turn helps workers to find meaning in the projects they work on, and the goals they have set themselves.

For example, most freelancers who work from a coworking space, likely choose to work on projects that they are passionate about and thus are more likely to find their work meaningful. And this is heightened by the culture within a coworking space, which is often fun and relaxed.

Coworking spaces offer job control and flexibility

Most coworking spaces tend to be open 24/7 (like Bold Bauhaus!), which gives members the flexibility to work from them whenever they want. Most also give people the option to work in a collaborative room with shared desks or in a private closed-off space. Having a flexible community space to work in helps members to stay disciplined and motivated, yet relaxed and calm. 

They create a community of like-minded workers

Coworking spaces, like Bold, tend to feel like a close-knit community rather than a workplace, which is mostly down to the atmosphere of friendlessness, collaboration and culture. Most also tend to set up and host regular events where members can interact and build relationships within.

Coworking spaces facilitate natural (not forced) interaction where members can come together, connect and brainstorm ideas and concepts, all of which can lead to professional and personal growth. This generates a community of like-minded individuals who all work from the coworking space.

Need a coworking space that’ll inspire collaboration and productivity?

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