#WorkBold Podcast Season 3 Episode 10

How Telefónica sees the office of the future

A chat with Estates and Development manager, Chris Early

s3 e10

Chris Early, Estates and Development Manager for Telefónica UK, joins Bold Founder, Caleb Parker, to talk about the future of work and how he expects commercial real estate to evolve in the coming years.

Chris believes on average we’re all going to need less space post-Covid.

He says he expects lease terms to shrink and permit more flexibility, and asks "how efficient is it for a company to provide all the amenities to their team, when they can choose a building where those services are already provided and shared by all customers of that building?"

In this episode you're going to hear how Telefónica is leaning into the future with flexible working, Chris’s view on Space-as-a-Service and why he believes BRAND MATTERS to enterprise customers to ensure a consistent experience for their teams.


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