How to turn criticism into a positive opportunity


As a business owner, you’re bound to receive criticism at some point along your entrepreneurial journey. Whether it’s from your business partner, employees, disgruntled customers, or from your competitors, negative feedback can be tough to swallow. 

But rather than letting it bring you down, why not try to turn it into a positive opportunity? Here are a few tips on how to do just that…

Here’s how you can turn negative criticism into a positive opportunity

Try not to take it personally

When you first receive criticism, it’s natural to feel defensive and want to come up with a rebuttal. Trying not to take things personally is especially challenging if you are sensitive about your work and vision. It can feel like a bigger blow when the criticism or negative feedback is coming from someone close to us.

However, the energy we put into caring about these criticisms is counterproductive. It’s much more productive to stay objective, analyse the feedback and see it as advice that you can use to improve.

Turn that negative feedback into an action

The best way to turn negative criticism into a positive opportunity is to use it as feedback to improve. Once you have calmed down and assessed the situation, take some time to come up with an action plan. What specifically did this person not like about your work?

If they didn’t say, then ask them. Allow the person who critiqued your work to give you advice on how to improve. This way of dealing with negative feedback can help you be a better version of yourself.

Embrace failure

No one is perfect, and that goes for entrepreneurs and business owners too. When it comes to dealing with criticism, you’re going to make mistakes. Just because you take that feedback on board doesn’t mean you won’t be successful. The key is to learn from our mistakes and move on. Try to embrace failure because it means you’re developing wisdom and growing as an individual.

Work on building trust with those around you

When it comes to criticism, the people who are closest to you will be the ones who have the biggest impact. If you’re able to build trust with them, they’ll be more likely to give you honest feedback. As we mentioned above, it’s important that you don’t take this feedback personally, but instead use it to improve your skills and business.

Recognise the difference between criticism and honesty

Accepting negative feedback and turning it into something productive is a good method to help you grow and develop in your entrepreneurial journey. But unfortunately, there will be times when you may find yourself receiving negative criticism from a critical person.

This is why it is important to recognise the difference between when someone is being honest and when someone is being overly critical for the sake of it. Honesty is incredibly valuable in business, and honest feedback often comes with genuine care for you and your business.

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