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The Big Debate: Is Flexible Working REALLY The Future Of Work?

A Face-Off Between Sandra Panara and Robert Kenward

"We don't have to agree on everything, but dialogue and listening are key to understanding."

We’ve been seeing a debate unfold in headlines and crystal balls on the future of work and the role of the office for some time now.

Sandra Panara, Director of Workplace Strategy at Relogix, and Robert Kenward, Chief Talent Officer and co-founder of YOU search and select, join Bold Founder, Caleb Parker, to bring their different perspectives to the future of work conversation.

  1. Should not being in the office be an excuse for not building relationships?
  2. Will society fall back on tradition because that's what's worked in the past?
  3. Will the office continue to be central to creating culture going forward?
  4. Is establishing and maintaining culture more about proximity, or is it about curating an environment where people feel they belong?

In this episode we talk about the pros and cons of flexible working, the feeling of forced cultures, and how companies and talent should be aligning on shared values.

Tune in to hear how they (respectfully!) dual it out!

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Value Bombs

  • We are seeing the hospitality and commercial real estate industries colliding – Caleb Parker
  • We don't have to agree on everything, but dialogue and listening are key to understanding – Caleb Parker
  • I think the future is the hybrid working and hybrid for me is a mix of what the employer needs and also what candidates need – Robert Kenward
  • The Monday to Friday 9-5 is gone, it’s dead. And I think that's a wonderful thing that should be celebrated – Robert Kenward
  • I think that flexible working has always existed. It's just never been formalized and as widely enjoyed by people as much as it has been in the last two years – Sandra Panara
  • Some companies are using flexible working as a talent attraction & retention tool, and to compete with other companies that are going after the same talent – Caleb Parker
  • What you'll start to see is hybrid working as talent attraction, but it needs boundaries – Robert Kenward
  • Flexible working should be a personal choice - Sandra Panara
  • Decentralization of the office might mean the same amount of space, but just better distributed to address some of the pain points that have been raised by the pandemic – Sandra Panara
  • If you're not offering flexible working then you will lose talent – Robert Kenward
  • Flexible is two way and the employer has to have a say in it – Robert Kenward
  • People don’t achieve great things on command – Sandra Panara
  • Companies need to trust their employees more– Sandra Panara
  • Management is still managing based on old school thinking that you have to be in the office because that makes managing people easier – Sandra Panara