Omega RE On Growing The Economy Through Flex & Hybrid Working

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Omega RE On Growing The Economy Through Flex & Hybrid Working

Featuring Nella Pang, MRICS, On Championing Good Office Culture

"The days of control management ended when the pandemic started"

Nella Pang, founder of Omega Real Estate joins Bold Founder Caleb Parker to share her story of transitioning from JLL to launching her own office real estate business during a global pandemic.

We find out why Nella is not just a believer in Space-as-a-Service, but also a customer! She gives us insight into the changing requirements from her office customers and how she is supporting them across the UK as they prepare for post pandemic working.

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 Value Bombs

  • The days of control management ended when the pandemic started – Nella Pang
  • Technology has enabled us to work from anywhere and flex around our family – Nella Pang
  • The future is flexible – Caleb Parker
  • Having that flexibility means that we don't actually lose people – Nella Pang
  • Many employers think they need the same structure as before the internet was created, but there are a lot of forward thinking companies – Caleb Parker
  • I'm a massive advocate for promoting the hybrid way of working – Nella Pang
  • It's about creating that trust and that culture to create that flexibility – Nella Pang
  • Every company is handling their real estate differently, depending on what sector and the culture of that they're trying to instill in their business – Nella Pang
  • I'm in business to support and champion entrepreneurs because I believe they help make the world better – Caleb Parker
  • For these companies that aren't fast growing and have lots more people coming in to their business, I think that we're going to see a reduction in footprints – Caleb Parker
  • These new ways of working are compelling many businesses to acknowledge the silver lining in the pandemic and assess what is vital, and eliminate tasks or projects which waste time and resources – Nella Pang
  • It’s interesting to see how this change in demand is going to require a mindset change from the traditional world – Caleb Parker
  • We're definitely at a pinnacle moment where technology can transform the way that real estate works to make a business more efficient – Nella Pang
  • To understand the future of offices, it's really important to understand individuals or the end user wants and needs from their workspace – Nella Pang
  • We are finding a number of serviced and coworking operators that are expanding and taking space in rural locations to provide that community network – Nella Pang
  • Space has to support agility and collaborative working, which provides people with that high quality service – Nella Pang
  • Landlords have to differentiate themselves through the service they offer – Nella Pang
  • Operators that offer Space-as-a-Service have the ability to support many businesses to mobilise quickly and drive an ecosystem that helps everyone do well – Nella Pang
  • Ultimately if we grow the economy then we all flourish – Nella Pang